A Checklist for Your Dental Appointment at Guelph Line Dental

A Checklist for Your Dental Appointment at Guelph Line Dental

When you are preparing for your dental appointment here at Guelph Line Dental you may have a number of questions. Perhaps it is your first time visiting a dentist in quite some time and you’re a little unsure of what will take place. To make things a bit easier on you we’ve created this checklist so you can have piece of mind that you are 100% prepared and ready for the best dental experience possible.


Confirm Your Appointment

This assumes, of course, that you have already booked your appointment. If you have not yet made an appointment, call us at 905.335.2775  to book today! If you have booked your appointment already, be sure to call our office a few days ahead of time to confirm the time and date. Our professional staff will have your appointment date and time at their fingertips, giving you the opportunity to make sure you have it booked for the right day in your calendar.



Be sure to have your insurance and benefits card with you when you visit the office. Before the appointment, re-familiarize yourself with your benefits so that there are no surprises once you get to our office.


List Your Concerns

Without a doubt you probably have a good idea of what you want to accomplish before you get to our offices, but sometimes patients can get distracted once the appointment begins and can forget what they wanted to discover. That is why we recommend making a list of your concerns, and have it written out when you arrive so you can avoid this risk. Things to consider include:

  • Have you been grinding your teeth while you sleep
  • Are your teeth as white as you’d like? Are they as straight?
  • Do you feel comfortable with your brushing and flossing technique?
  • Do you feel any pain in or around your mouth?
  • Do you want details about any dental tools or products that are on the market?

Questions like these help ensure that you get everything your need out of your appointment.


Medical Information

When you arrive to our offices at Guelph Line Dental you’ll be asked to fill out a new patient form. Please be sure to update yourself on all of your current medical history including, but not limited to, various medication or supplements you might be taking. Also be sure to have the contact information for your Family Doctor or primary health practitioner. Once we collect all this information once we will not ask for it again, and it will be stored in our database so that our front desk staff and dental professionals have all the appropriate information at their fingertips to better serve you!


Schedule the Next Appointment

This is perhaps the most important check on the list! Consistent appointments with your dental health professionals are absolutely vital to long-term, optimal dental health. Book your next appointment with one of our friendly staff at the front desk to ensure you don’t miss it. We recommend to book an appointment every six months, but depending on your specific case you may need to book for a sooner date.

Making sure you take all the above steps will ensure you receive the most complete, beneficial appointment possible, and will greatly reduce any anxiety you might be experiencing. You don’t need to remember everything! Just bring the list!

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