What will happen at my Dental checkup?

What will happen at my Dental checkup?

Getting regular dental check-ups is a cornerstone of optimal dental health, but that doesn’t mean we all get them. If it’s been a while since your last appointment you may not remember exactly what will take place. Forgetting these details may lead to unneeded anxiety or fear over the unknown. So, lets get the details out there so you can feel confident heading into your check-up.



When you are brought into the Hygiene room it will first be the hygienist’s job to evaluate the your current state of oral health. This will include assessing your relative level of tooth decay, noting any cavities, looking out for gum issues like gingivitis, and assessing if you need any tooth replacement work. They’ll also assess your general health and conduct an oral cancer screening. This step is vital because it’s extremely important for a dental professional to try and catch issues before they become apparent (ie: painful!), and it also is something you could in no way accomplish yourself.

Your hygienist will also ask you a number of questions to get a fuller picture of your overall health. This is important because your oral health does not exist in a vacuum. The health of your entire body is all interconnected. This is a great time to ask any questions or concerns you might have, and it is just a great time to get to know your Hygienist.



This will feel like a super-charged version of the tooth-brushing you are hopefully doing every  morning and evening. While you may be diligent about brushing and flossing, our dental hygienists have remarkable tools and knowledge at their disposal to help them get any plaque or tartar that you might be missing with your daily routine. For the most part these procedures and techniques will be painless and comfortable, even if you feel different sensations than you’re used to. The result will be an incredibly clean feeling mouth, which something that may become a craving of sorts once your experience it for the first time in a while!



This may seem a bit intimidating, but be assured that getting dental x-rays is absolutely painless and relatively quick. If you’re not currently experiencing any pain or symptoms it may seem like overkill on our behalf. However, the x-rays are vitally important for our dentists to be able catch any issues you’re not aware of and make sure your teeth are 100% healthy. While you may not require them every visit, in general we recommend them once a year to make sure we can catch any issues before they become apparent.